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The Philippines has a long tradition of revelry and this of course includes drinking. We have our own customs when it comes to alcohol, for example, using a single glass for drinking instead of having one glass for each person. This custom symbolizes unity and trust and is the main reason that the Filipino language lacks the proper term for “Cheers!” or “Toast!”

Octoberfest / Photo by Quentin Dr on Unsplash

Being a melting pot of different cultures mainly due to our strategic geography in Asia and colonization from Spain and the US, Filipinos have acquired and inculcated in our culture modern and foreign traditions. This is very evident in our drinking habits and preferences.


Oktoberfest is actually a festival held in Germany, the Beer Capital of the world. However, many countries have done their own take at this famed celebration. Who doesn’t want a ready made excuse to drink, right?


In the Philippines, Octoberfest is celebrated nationwide through a string of promotional events by the biggest local brewery, San Miguel Corporation. A series of mini concerts in major cities highlight the month-long celebration that usually ends with a bigger concert in Manila featuring huge names in the local music industry. Beer is almost free-flowing. The price per cup is about 10 PHP. There are also drinking games, like beer pong, that can become more of a competition… but don’t worry, there surely are prizes that await.


Throughout the month of October, you can expect discounted prices on beer buckets, getting freebies for a single receipt of at least 3 buckets of beer or a free extra bucket during happy hour. Some of the freebies you can get are shirts, flash drives, ash trays or more beer. All these promotions are nationwide; meaning you have the chance to score freebies and discounted beer in any bar or club that sells San Miguel Beer. Prizes can also be based from the variant of San Miguel Beer you’re drinking. There’s a flavor for everyone: Pale Pilsen, Light, Zero, Dry, Apple, Lemon and many more.


In Tagaytay, the place to be is definitely Papa Dom’s Restobar. It’s one of the most popular party places in Southern Luzon. It’s a great place to chill, enjoy booze and they serve great food too! You can enjoy your ice cold beer with their amazing nachos, cheese sticks, dynamite, etc!

The number one party place / Photo from Papa Doms’ Facebook page


October is a really fun and booze-filled month in the Philippines… and the best way to cap it all off? Two words… HALLOWEEN PARTIES! Yes, we love parties here, but let’s talk about Halloween on my next blog!


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