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Learn, Explore and Feel at Home – Part 12018年10月10日

by Teacher Jefelyn


Studying another language can be fun and exciting though you are in another country like the Philippines. Many foreigners think that learning is full of difficulty and hardship, but I make sure to you that your stay in this beautiful country would be full of fun, excitement and wonderful learning not only about English but also life and culture.


Learning is always fun! fun! Fun!


Studying would never be stressful if you keep the positive spirit in learning. Always rem


ember that the more you laugh and enjoy what you do, the more knowledge you will gain fro


m the class. Why study with a frowned face if you can smile throughout the class.   “Carpe diem!”


Teachers love to joke around and make their students laugh during Grammar class.



Explore the life of the locals




You can try the Tapioca Shake for a very affordable price

Learning is not just about going to school and studying all your lessons, but it can sometimes happen in the places around you. You can learn about Filipino culture and their rich customs.

You can meet local friends by just smiling and saying “Bayad po!” inside the jeepney.
Never hesitate to try the delicious street foods


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