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English is more fun in the Philippines by Teacher Aia2018年10月11日

~ Aia

English is very hard to learn. No one ever started to be very good in this language. However, there’s one thing that I would guarantee. Learning English at Face to Face language here in the Philippines is ever fun.

Not just Philippines has a lot to offer, the first one is hospitality. Filipinos are well known as hospitable people. We always offer warm welcomes.

Face to Face English school has also exciting and fun activities.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night starting from 7:30- 9:00, students are invited to join EOP ( English Only Policy)  wherein it helps students go out of their comfort zone and try to mingle with others. With this policy students are not allowed to speak using their native languages instead they must use English the whole period of time. They play games that would help to practice their English.

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