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L-E-T-T-E-R-S by Teacher Mark2018年10月14日

Giving letters is an old tradition that started to become popular in the late 50’s. People around the world send letters to show appreciation to someone.

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Appreciation comes in many forms, not only by means of saying “thank you”, but also giving and receiving letters which means a token of gratitude from someone who is dear to us. Normally, giving letters is being used to express our feelings romantically ; but nowadays  some people use it as a symbol of valuing a good relationship with someone like a mother to her child, a coach to its team, and student to its teacher.

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Here in Face to Face Language and Culture School, it is also typical for our students to give letters to teachers to tell how grateful they were graduating from this school. These letters were one of the most valuable possessions of every teacher which boost their energy and morale to pursue what they started.  

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It is a great achievement for each and every one of us whenever we received a letter coming from our former students.

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