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Start your career with TOEIC!2018年10月14日

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is one of the requirements needed especially in countries from Asia in order to be accepted in a well –established company.

One of the main reasons is to state that workers from a certain company are globally proficient based on the scores given according to standards. It also shows that the company caliber of hiring workers requires an excellent communication skill in English. This test is divided into four parts: Speaking and Writing, Listening and Reading.

Cedric giving his 101 %

TOEIC is one of the courses offered in Face to Face Language and Culture School. We initiate the process of the test. Students learned how to answer the following questions using specific techniques and tactics that can help them a lot to be familiar with the questions and answer in fastest time available. The process includes some of the following:

  • Speaking – It contains eleven questions that the test taker needs to answer for about twenty minutes. These questions are real life and workplace scenario that needed to respond based common phrases and vocabulary used in daily life and conversation.


  • Writing- Task questions that have to be answered for an hour. A question includes picture descriptions, responding to written request and opinion based questions that needed an explanation to support your answer with the total of three hundred words.


  • Reading- This section is sub divided into three parts which are: Sentence Completion, Text Completion, and Double Passages. It requires good grammatical reasoning to be able to pass with this test.


  • Listening- The listening section is approximately 45 minutes and contains one hundred questions. It is divided into four parts which are: Picture Description, Question- Response, Conversations and Short talk. A good ear is essential for this part for this will be the major weapon required to get a high remarks for this test.
Practice makes perfect! La Wa, one step closer to that 990

Sharpening these skills will definitely guarantee someone a good stand in a company. Inserting a lot of effort, handwork, and focus will be needed to be able to achieve a good score that will be leading you to the top.

Come and join us… Let’s figure out a way and best strategy that fits you the best to improve and to ace the TOEIC test!

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