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An Unconventional Weekend Activity by Teacher Jz2018年11月18日

Last Saturday, November 10, 2018, my colleagues and students at Face to Face had a plan to organize a picnic lunch just right on the front yard of Brown House, one of the dormitories at our school. Why? I think the better question is “Why not?” The weather that day seemed to be perfect for an outdoor activity, but at the same time, my friends and I didn’t have enough energy to go anywhere farther than the vicinities of our house. Haha! What is more, we were kind of short of budget. That was why a picnic right in front of our house was the best option we had.

And so we did! First, Teachers Mafe and Jiezel together with our ever generous and enthusiastic students Lawa and Akari headed to the nearest supermarket to purchase some groceries. They bought chicken, veggies, corn, fries, rice, and four pieces of fresh tilapia, which is a sort of freshwater fish common in the Philippines.

I did the frying of the fish; Akari took care of the fried chicken and vegetables soup while Lawa perfected his boiled sweet cor

n. What were the others doing? Jiezel entertained us with her lovely voice as she sang some of her favorite love songs, and Mafe helped with the cooking from time to time.

One of our friendliest staff, Ate Elena, and also two of our liveliest students, Ipai and Yasu, also came over. They brought some plates and bowls and set up the blankets for the picnic on the front yard of Brown House.

We were just about to serve the cooked food when lo and behold! It started drizzling! We immediately took everything we had set up back inside the house, and guess what? We had an indoor picnic instead! As crazy as it may sound, we all still had a great time. The food tasted like heaven, and the companionship of everyone was just priceless!

It was absolutely a weekend to remember!

Come and join our growing family at Face to Face English School!


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