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Back to the 50’s and 60’s by Amber2018年11月20日

Life in the countryside ha always been relaxing and really laid-back, but once in a while we crave for the noise and vibrance of the city life. It might be a short day trip or a weekend stay just to feel refreshed with urban energy.

I’ll share with you a unique find at the heart of Makati.

It’s a 50’s inspired American diner called The Filling Station. It’s located in Burgos, which is actually the red light district, but don’t let that monicker fool you.

Burgos boasts of some the best food spots in the whole metro.

Getting to Makati from Tagaytay is really simple. There are buses that go straight to Ayala Center in Makati’s business district or you can take any bus passing by Pasay, get off there and take a taxi. You can go straight to The Filling Station that way or through the Grab App. Since the diner is a very popular one, it wouldn’t be a hassle locating it.

What’s so good about this diner that both locals and foreigners are going gaga over it? Aside from the amazing food, it’s actually the aesthetic of the place which is the total scene stealer.
It feels like being transported back to the 50’s and 60’s once you enter. Pictures of pin-up girls, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and other icons of the era are plastered on the walls. They even have an area fully dedicated to the 50’s blonde bombshell dubbed the “Marilyn Room”. There are even movie posters of the box office hits of the time as well.

It doesn’t stop there. You can take pictures with life-sized statues of Elvis and even some superheroes! Every inch of this place is worth taking pictures so just snap away! There’s even an entire car in the middle of the diner with a table in it where you can dine for a minimum of PHP 3,000 consumable for food and drinks.

This place is very Instagrammable and attracts more millenials and Gen Zs more than baby boomers. Why? The place of course gives of the “Riverdale vibe”, complete with posters of Archie and Jughead from the posters. There are also pool tables which are PHP 300-500 per hour. It’s also a “smoker-friendly” establishment with a designated smoker’s lounge for us tobacco addicts.

So, if you’re looking for a cool place to hang out and pig out, The Filling Station is definitely the place to be! Indulge in authentic American food (and milkshakes!) while chilling with the 50’s vibe.

address : ZIP 4120 2nd Floor Wilbincom BLDG JP RIzal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
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