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Afternoons at Face to Face2018年12月6日

Which do you prefer– mornings or afternoons? I believe most of my students, co-teachers, and friends would pick the latter. I mean, afternoons are laidback, short and fast, and usually have optimum temperature. On the other hand, mornings just seem to be so slow and so long.

There are several things I really love about afternoons at F2F.

First, I love hanging out with my students and colleagues at cafes in the afternoon, as I mentioned in one of my past blogs. These days, we love going to cafes to have Okinawa or Hokkaido milk tea which is becoming more and more popular in the Philippines. There are some instances when we, the teachers take our students out with their lessons of course, and we have our classes outside instead.

These moments are full of smiles and laughters:

Second, I live for afternoon walks. On weekends, we at F2F love to stroll around this quiet city. We walk around, walk to 7 Eleven or some cheap food stalls, or we just walk aimlessly. It may not sound so fun, but in fact, it is!

Lastly, I love sunsets in Tagaytay. They are a consistent indication that a day has ended and a new day is waiting ahead. Sunsets to me are “beautiful goodbyes”. I can’t find the right words to describe these astounding sceneries, so I will let these photos do the talking:

There is so much to do at Face to Face that you will never get bored.
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