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LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN! by Cheche2019年9月19日

Language Skill #1: LISTENING

Listening is the first language skill we get in our native language. It requires us to use our ears and brains to understand language as it is being spoken to us.

Listening can be complicated when you are learning English. Different accents, new vocabulary words, and people speaking quickly can all leave you confused. But don’t worry! Face to Face Language School has tips to help you train your English listening skills.

1. Listen to new story every Monday.

2. Listen to audio news reports in English.

3. Listen to some classic pieces of English texts.

4. Listen to easy and fun English songs with subtitles.

5. Listen and learn English rhythm, rhyme and pronunciation.

Listening skills are essential for interpersonal communication. It involves focus and concentrated effort, both mental and sometimes physical as well.

If you want the full knowledge of learning a language, then we at Face to Face suggests that you try to develop all major language skills. Here, we will help you to improve your first language skills.


Just listen! 

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