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Exploring Taal Volcano … By Riki2019年9月20日

Do you Love outdoors like Hiking? Trekking? mountains? lake? swimming in a hot-spring?  Horseback riding? Taal Volcano is Perfect!

If you are heading to Tagaytay, one of the things that you definitely can’t miss is hiking Taal Volocano and enjoying the views from the top or explore beyond than that. Taal Volcano is the second most active volcano in the Philippines.

And Tagaytay is a very popular destination in the Philippines because of the good weather.


The weather in Tagaytay is warm during the day but not so warm like in you’re in Manila. And at night the temperature goes down, but it’s refreshing without the feeling of it being too cold. So yes — Absolutely! perfect weather.

We had so much fun with great outdoor activities, and had an amazing time in Tagaytay. If you have been thinking of which places to visit then hang-out with me here.



First of all you need to ride a few transportation if you are coming from Manila to reach the starting point for hiking Taal Volcano.



You can get to Tagaytay by bus from Manila. The bus is around $2?? and that’s 104 pesos in our money?? ) for a two-hour of journey.

There are a few bus stations where you can get the bus: Buendia and Pasay . The two hours bus time are still relative to the traffic in Manila.

Travel Tip to take note: If you go to Taal first thing in the morning, you will find much less traffic than traveling in peak hours.


The bus will stop in La Rotonda in Tagaytay. If you are heading to Taal Volcano, you will need to ride a jeepney to Olivares.

 And from Olivares you have to get another jeepney stopping at People’s Park.

 And from People’s Park, there is no more jeepney option. You will need to get a tricycle 🙂

(7 kilometers ride for 200 pesos ) until Talisay Bay, where you can ride a boat to the crater lake Volcano. For this trip, we went to Precious Boat Station.

So, What are you waiting for!! Come and join me Lets venture into a world of mountains and let’s keep in touch with Nature.  HAPPY TREKKING y’all ! 😀

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