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Sari- Sari Store By Aia2019年9月22日


A sari-sari store, or neighborhood sundry store, is a convenience store found in the Philippines. The word sari-sari is Tagalog meaning “variety” or “sundry”.

Sari-sari, by the way means all kinds or various. The store sells all kinds of everyday essential goods in miniature packets, or as a single item, which is commonly referred as “tingi”. An individual can purchase a small amount of cooking oil or a piece of egg according to your budget. Even a cigarette can be bought by the stick.


In Tagaytay, the sari-sari store could also be a good place to hang-out. Commonly found outside the stores are wooden benches for customers to consume their purchases like snacks and their favorite drink.



One distinctive thing about the store is that the customer is outside the store. The customer must pinpoint the goods he wants to purchase and the goods are transferred from a metal bar opening in front of the store. Goods are hung from the ceiling and small items such candies are placed in small plastic jars for the customer to have your choice.

For many local and foreign visitors, a Sari-Sari Store is considered the second to none meeting place to mingle with the residents. Filipinos are easy-going, always friendly and very hospitable, the stand is an excellent place to meet old friends (kaibigan) and make new ones. It is a great opportunity to learn and understand more about the people, their way of life and a unique chance to get a glimpse into the authentic regional culture.

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