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The Best of Both Worlds By Able2019年10月1日

Business and leisure — two reasons people travel anywhere in the world. When you have the opportunity to earn money or learn skills and enjoy pleasurable moments somewhere else at the same time, man, you’ve got the best of both worlds!

             Up to present, multitudes of tourists from Asian countries visit the Philippines for a definite period —- summer and winter. The sole purpose is English immersion. Alongside learning is the anticipation of leisure by discovering new places and experiencing different culture. However, this purpose is not always achieved. Some English schools allot most time for classroom settings to the extent that students spend more than eight hours in class every day. On the other hand, other schools offer more leisure time than academic. Therefore, students should be cautious in choosing the most suitable programs to meet their needs and expectations.

             Realizing the need for balance, Face to Face Language and Culture School designed a personalized system of learning. Through this system, students can decide what and how many subjects they deem necessary to take up.  Aside from the core curriculum which is mostly one-on-one, extra-curricular English activities are held at least twice a week. Here, students engage in group activities to further enhance communication and interpersonal skills.

             Another factor F2F considers is the learning environment and capacity. Hence, F2F guarantees stress-free and conducive atmosphere for both teachers and students. In healthy state, there is greater possibility of quality teaching and learning.  To ensure positive results, students are assigned an average of six to seven hours of daytime classes.  This is to allow them explore places: learn other culture, spend time alone, or hang out with friends after calling it a day. By doing these, they get energized for the next day’s academic schedules.

             To sum up, travels, whether business/education or leisure, should get a person his money’s worth. It is always the best thing to invest on experience and enjoy the best of both worlds. If you are into educational and cross-cultural trips, you can never go wrong with F2F.

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