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BA BA BA BA BANANA! By Abie2019年10月6日

“Goals are like bananas, they come in bunches”

Coming here in F2F is a first step to achieve your goals. While you’re staying here, you’ll also discover many things that will surprise you. Just like about bananas.

Banana is one of the agricultural products here in Tagaytay. We can easily grow bananas in backyard gardens.


Here’s what we can do with bananas in the Phil.

1. Sweetened Bananas

It is a traditional Filipino dessert. Ripe saba bananas are boiled in a mixture of brown sugar and water until it gets thicken.


2. Banana cue

Banana cue is made with deep fried bananas coated in caramelized brown sugar. The bananas used for this recipe are Saba bananas, which are very commonly used for cooking in the Philippines. It is usually skewered on a bamboo stick, and sold on the streets.


3. Turon

Turon is a popular Filipino snack that’s sweet and crunchy. Ripe saba banana, jackfruit, and brown sugar are rolled together in a flour wrapper and fried to a golden crisp.


4. Banana Fritter-Maruya

Banana Fritter or Maruya is a fried food that makes use of “Saba” banana or plantains. The bananas are sliced or mashed and then mixed with a batter, which is composed of flour, sugar, vanilla, and a binder which is egg usually. A fritteris a mixture (such as a batter) with fruits or meat. This particular dish is considered as a fritter because it is a batter with mashed bananas.It’s perfect for breakfast or as a mid afternoon breakfast.


5. Banana chips

Banana chips are slices of bananas that are deep fried, baked to become crispy, it is then coated with sugar or honey. A popular snack item in the Philippines this snack is healthier than potato chips.I am sure that you will love this sweet and crispy chips..It’s like eating candies and chips at the same time!

Aren’t they mouth-watering? You better come here and try all of them after our classes!

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