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Bulalord!! By Riki2019年10月3日

Whenever you are around in Tagaytay make sure you don’t miss to eat Bulalo. One of the most recommended dishes.

It’s A massive beef bone soup and I’m pretty sure your mouth is filled with Saliva. You could just imagine the beef has been stewed for a long time good and so tender. They are some vegetables in there ,Chinese cabbage, green onions, corn, chayote, garlic pepper corn..  it would taste a lot better if you put some chili, lemon and then mixed.

Who cares about plates, spoon and fork when your eating with filipinos We used to eat with our hands,

“kamayan” style. As long as your enjoying our food just eat it with your heart out.. it’ll be great! oh Yeah , The best sawsawan for bulalo is

PATIS(fish sauce) + calamansi + sili (chili) .

Soy sauce is ok but patis is the bomb. 

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