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Tasty Bananas for Free! By Jefelyn2019年10月14日

Where in the world would you find something for free?

In this era of the world where everything cost an arm and a leg, it is difficult to find something free of charge. In the past, people survived because they were dependent to nature especially when it comes to food, however in the world today, people depend on technologies to live. Reminiscing the past, it was truly great to learn that people used to focus in developing agricultural products as a form of livelihood, but people today are transforming those agricultural lands into industrial subdivisions, parks, malls, condominiums and resorts.  Because of this, natural resources that used to be free became exclusive. The fast pacing industrial development of the world affected the growth of agrarian products and it leads for natural resources to become scarce.

Fortunately, Face to Face main dormitory, which we called the Red House is surrounded by banana trees. These trees grew naturally around the dormitory. Nobody maintains nor put fertilizers on those banana trees, but it bears tasty bananas. The land owners of the two lots beside the Red House have decided to give an authority to Face to Face to harvest those bananas and have those for FREE.



Therefore students, staff as well as teachers have privilege to eat those delicious bananas when they are already ripe. Everybody is excited to taste it! It’s truly tasty, for it’s absolutely FREE!


It is a good evidence that natural resources are free if we give importance to them and keep those land for cultivating food instead of buildings. Through that, we’ll be more blessed with freebies from Mother Nature.


Come and Visit Face to Face Language and Culture School and experience this give away! See yah!



  By: Teacher Jefelyn

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