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READ! COMPREHEND! By Cheche2019年10月16日

Language Skill #3: READING

Reading is the third language skill we may develop in learning a language. As with listening, it is able to receive ideas or passive skill, as it needs us to use our eyes and brains to understand the written equivalent of spoken language. It is one of the two unnatural language skills.

This skill refers to the ability to know written text. It is reasonable to develop the skill at early age of schooling. When students understand written text, and combine their understanding with prior knowledge, they are able to perform the following three reading – comprehension skills.

  1. 1. Identify simple facts presented in written text.
  2. 2. Make judgments about the written texts content.
  3. 3. Connect the text to other written passages and situations.

“Reading for pleasure is more important for educational success.” Therefore, there’s a very obvious place to start those wishing to improve your reading skills: F2F! We provide books not only to help you learn a new language but also a way to discover the culture behind the language.


  1. 1. Picture books are excellent resource for beginners. It makes sense you’d start here.
  2. 2. A dictionary is a language learner’s best friends. By having a dictionary on hand, you can find out what      those words mean right away, and write them down in your notebook.
  3. 3. Reading one book in two languages is a great way to improve your language skills.
  4. 4. Whatever your interests – food, places, or just about anything – there’s a blog about them in English language.


At F2F, we give and enjoy every reading material. 

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