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SPEAK! SAY! TELL! By Cheche2019年10月28日

Language Skill #2: SPEAKING


Speaking is the second language skill we get in learning English. It is what is known as a productive skill, or an active skill, as it involves us to use our verbal tract and our brains correctly produces language through sound. It is the second of two natural language skills.




Knowing how to speak will help you:

 ・Engage people in conversation

 ・Address audiences



Speaking can be formal or informal:

 ・Informal speaking is typically used with family and friends, or people you know well.

 ・Formal speaking occurs in business or academic situations, or when meeting people for the first time.



Speaking is perhaps the language skill that most language learners desire to perfect as soon as possible. It used to be the only language skill that was difficult to practice online. This is no longer a problem. Come and study at F2F. 

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