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You are never far from home. By Chris2019年10月22日

Learning a second language is not as easy as eating marshmallows or as fast as blinking, but not as difficult as climbing mountains or digging diamonds. Learning another language is a process that can sometimes be frustrating and discouraging.

“How can I learn and use another language that sounds just as normal as my own, especially on a daily basis?”
“How can I study abroad if I always miss my home and my family?
“How could I live in another country if my culture were different?”


Worry no more! Face to Face Language and Culture School is


where learning English becomes a leisure…

Face to Face Language and Culture School is located in Tagaytay City, Philippines. A place where a city and countryside meet. Its altitude and cool climate give everyone space to breathe and a retreat from a stressful city life.


Studying English in Face to Face Language and Culture School will expose you to people using the language and will give you no choice, but to learn without realizing it. Then you will wake up one day, you speak the language.



where everyone becomes a family…

You will never be a stranger because you will always belong. Teachers, classmates and staff will always give you a warm welcome and treat you as part of the family where help is always at hand.




and a place where you are always at home.

You will never be an outcast because you will always be at home. Filipinos diverse culture embraces all, regardless of race and ethnicity.






Here in Face to Face Language and Culture School, we open doors of opportunities and bring you closer to your dreams!

address : ZIP 4120 2nd Floor Wilbincom BLDG JP RIzal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
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