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100 Peso Frappuccino at Starbucks Philippines By JZ2019年10月28日

If this isn’t your first time on this home page, you probably already know that people at Face to Face School live for coffee. And where else is the best place to have an afternoon cup of your favorite coffee but Starbucks! However, what if all of a sudden, you realize you were running out of money, and you checked your pocket only to find that you only had a 100 peso bill left? Well, that wouldn’t have been a problem if you had been in the Philippines these past few weeks.


Earlier in August, Starbucks Philippines announced its 100 Peso Frappuccino on Wednesdays Promo. It’s quite simple really—from July 31st to September 4th, coffee-lovers had a chance to purchase a Grande Frappuccino at Starbucks from 3PM to 6PM for only 100 pesos. You read it right—for only 100 pesos! That was a good opportunity to enjoy a variety of Frappuccino on a weekly basis without worrying much about your budget.


My co-teachers and I together with our students took that opportunity since I think most of us are coffee lovers, yet we are all quite practical when it comes to spending money.

All of us enjoyed that once in a blue moon experience.

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