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Soft or Hard? By Norlene2019年11月3日

A table without bread is not a table, but bread is a table on its own.”

   – Scottish Gaelic Proverb


Bread is life. This is a common food for breakfast here in the Philippines. Although some Filipinos prefer heavy meals, bread is best matched with brewed coffee to boost up one’s energy in the morning.




Noceda Bakery

Address: Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing

West, Tagaytay City 4120





Historical Background

Noceda Bakery is a small local shop that was founded by Paterno Noceda way back in the 1940s after World War II. He set up a small bakery within his house in Mendez, Cavite. He started with small-squared biscuits and named it JACOBINA®.


JACOBINA® is a great constitute for any soft bread.


Why do most people eat bread?

 ・There is a wide range of breads.

  People can choose from soft tasty ones to hard cookies or biscuits.


 ・It really tastes so good!

  Whether you’re into soft or hard ones, each type is made to perfection.


 ・It isn’t too expensive.

  The lowest price of each piece is P 2.00. Heard of pan de sal?

  By far, this is the most commonly sold bread. Pan de sal means “bread of salt” in Spanish.



An array of soft and hard breads

 ・It’s versatile.

  You can toast, fry, or bake it. Bread is consumable anytime of the day!


 ・It’s convenient.

  Breads are available almost everywhere–supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, local shops or even at gasoline stations.


 ・It’s low in sugar and fat.

  Compared to crops, bread is light and guilt-free food. You won’t gain much as it is low in calories.


 ・Bread is rich in iron, folate, calcium, and fiber.

  Iron transports oxygen around the body; folate makes healthy red blood cells; calcium helps maintain bones and teeth; fiber promotes good digestion of food in the body.


 ・Bread makes people happier.

  Happiness starts with small things.




When I visited the store, I got to meet one of their employees, Dianne Chavez. She shares how the breads are sold each day and got popular among tourists. Each type of bread seems to have a special ingredient that keeps consumers come back.










They also have a lot of choices for hard biscuits. One of the tastiest is their version of LENGUA DE GATO. It is derived from Spanish words lengua (tongue) de (of) gato (cat)–cat’s tongue. This is our version of butter cookies. It is made from butter, flour, sugar, eggs, and milk. These are my favorites! Its crispness and texture give a different dimension of flavor. Try it for yourself!



Let me ask you . . . Would you go for soft or hard bread? Whatever your choice is, they are both luxuriously good!

address : ZIP 4120 2nd Floor Wilbincom BLDG JP RIzal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
E-mail :