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Taste the Emotions at F2F By Cheche2019年11月5日

We all have our personal weaknesses. YES, EATING ICE CREAM. Light, creamy and sweet. It is possibly the ultimate in satisfying food. Having a terrible day? An ice cream is the answer! (Oops… your waist-line might not be grateful)

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM. Everyone loves ice cream, but why? There’s an endless amount of flavors. No matter what you like, there’s an ice cream flavor out there for you. It is good in every season. It’s the perfect treat for any season. Moreover, it makes your sadness go away. It helps heartaches and major causes of sadness easier to get through. Aside from that, you can eat ice cream anywhere – the possibilities are endless. It also soothes sore throat. It brings the comfort to your home and soothes your aching throat.


Here are some ice creams you can try around F2F, Tagayaty City.


Say it with Cornetto! ~~~ The iconic oh-so-creamy ice cream in a crunchy golden wafer cone. CORNETTO means “little horn” in Italian. It is a branded frozen dessert cone manufactured by Unilever. You can enjoy every bite all the way to a sweet chocolate tip.


MAGNUM is an ice cream brand owned by British / Dutch Unilever Company. It is consisted of a thick bar of vanilla ice cream on stick, with a chocolate coating.


Ice Cream SANDWICH is a frozen dessert consisting of ice cream between two cookies.


Ice Cream STICKS have different flavors and dessert-inspired creations carried to life by an exciting blend of additions mixed in good-quality ice cream, all on a stick.


What are you waiting for? Study with us at F2F and taste these ice creams here in Tagaytay City.

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