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Out of the Ordinary By Chris2019年11月7日

Traveling is an effective way to know yourself better and understand the real meaning of life. During the journey we realize a lot about ourselves. We even make many new friends, new relationships and build a new family. Most of all, we learn about the true meaning of life.

In the Philippines, especially in the city of Tagaytay, there is a fun and an out of the ordinary way of traveling that can make a difference in the common way you grew up with.



It is a type of vehicle that was invented during the American occupation of the Philippines. Jeeps were used by the U.S. military as their service during the World War II, but now made and developed as public means of transportation in the Philippines. This is one of the most convenient ways to travel. A “jeepney” can sit up to 20 passengers.







It is a three-wheeler vehicle customized from a single motorcycle to a motorcycle equipped with a sidecar. It can accommodate up to four passengers. It is small, but very efficient especially on the narrow roads to the neighboring town.








A more comfortable and environmentally friendly form of tricycle. It is bigger than its predecessor and is becoming popular now. It is said to be the best replacement for the tricycle in the future.




Whether you want to try any of the above mentioned traditional means of transportation in the city of Tagaytay or you travel on foot, I guarantee that this is a journey you will never forget and an experience you will always treasure.


Come and visit the Philippines! Travel and discover the true meaning of life in the city of Tagaytay!

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