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Late Night Walks By JZ2019年11月15日

I’ve always been a big fan of walking. I read somewhere that when you walk, you get to “kiss” the world with your feet. That was really poetic, I know, but I also think it is quite true– exploring a place can be a simple yet an awesome experience.

At Face to Face School, dinner is usually served at 6PM. The students and homestay teachers just like me get to enjoy our food together and chat almost about anything under the sun. Everything seems to be just how it is, doesn’t it? Well, almost except for one thing– we get hungry as the night goes by. That’s the time walking comes handy.



Despite the fact that Tagaytay isn’t as developed and convenient as other bigger cities in the Philippines, there are still some establishments near our dorms which can save our starving tummies. One of them is Mcdonalds, which is a 15-20 minute walk from our village.

At least one a month, my students, co-teachers, and I spontaneously go to Mcdonalds on foot at night to grab something to eat. We talk as we walk, bask in the beautiful starry sky, and enjoy the chilly weather that city usually has. As mundane as it may sound, we live for these moments. Not only do we get to satisfy our hunger, we also get to make happy memories.



And if you’re worried about walking at night, you can calm your nerves. I’ve been living in Tagaytay for more than four years now, and I can assure you that this city is absolutely safe during the day and even at night.

Come to Face to Face, and let’s kiss the world with our feet.

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