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Why should we learn English? by Rina2019年11月20日

Many people settle for less not because they can’t do anything about it but because they are afraid they might fail. Most of us consider failure and difficulties as the end of everything, we give up trying and we choose to stay miserable and unsuccessful. Why should we where in fact, there’s hope? We can be successful, we can have fun. Learning English is the key!

Why should we learn English?

  • English is the Language of International Communication 


    1. According to research, English is the official language of 53 countries, spoken by over 400 million people and the most second language in the world. It is the language a lot of us can understand. Travelers of course have chances to speak to people with different cultural background as they go overseas. In order to communicate with them, English is needed.
  • English is the Language of Business 
  • Companies, both international and local are looking for workers who are knowledgeable in English. People with English skills are prioritized in the global workforce and are given much higher salary compared to those who do not have. Promotions and better compensations will follow you wherever you go. Success is closer


    1. English is the Language of the World of Entertainment
    2. I bet you are curious about what the other side of the world is up to.. Popular movies, interesting books, latest songs and TV shows are produced and published in English. Luckily, everything can be accessed easily through the universal language (English). Isn’t it much better if you could understand what you are watching? It would be so annoying to check their subtitles or translations from time to time. It is time and energy consuming, too. It’s not fun at all.
    3.    Well, there’s more to explore, to learn, to see and to experience. Going beyond boundaries will really change your life forever! Be limitless with English! Face to Face Language and Culture School is here to help you. Whether your purpose is for career advancement, for vacation, or for everyday life, we’ve got your back.


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