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Grab in Tagaytay by Mark2019年12月2日

Grab in Tagaytay

Travelling especially at night is quite difficult. People need to wait long time for a jeep or tricycle to pick them up and send them into their destination. It’s also caused inconvenience for some commuters like those who are running late for work in the morning or wanted to go home early in the afternoon. It’s also a struggle when its rush hour. Everyone is waiting for public vehicle hoping that there are some seats available for them to fit in.

Grab is one of those cellphone applications that people use to travel using a private car as taxi. All you need to do is to pin your location and where you wanted to go.  After that, they will find the available driver for you. It will take around 5- 10 minutes for the driver to arrive. It is very convenient and fast compared to public vehicles.


Unfortunately, this area doesn’t have location information about Grab yet. It will take a little more time before this application can be use by the public in this area.

In line with this, the company K Servico found a way to bridge the gap between the commuters and the transport company. It’s suitable mainly for the public to prevent the hassle of commuting.

It’s a cellphone application that people need to download to pin their location. It’s also similar with the Grab car; the only difference is that the company doesn’t use car but “Bukyo” instead. The process of booking for a ride is also alike, you also needed to pin your location enabling the driver to pick you up and send you wherever you wanted to go.


“Bukyo” originally comes from Thailand named “Tuktuk”. The idea was brought in the Philippines and now we use it as one of the most common means of transportation in this area.

It provides more comfort than the usual tricycle for several reasons:

  • Many people can fit in.
  • More leg room for passengers
  • Prevent long hours of waiting.
  • The price is almost similar as the tricycle.


It is a perfect ride not only for those people who are in a hurry but also for travelers wishing to visit the exemplary nature and gorgeous tourist destinations that this place can offer.

All you need to do is to download, pin, and wait because the driver is coming to pick you up.

Enjoy travelling!!!




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