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PAGMAMANO: A Kiss of Honor by Teacher Cheche2019年12月16日

PAGMAMANO: A Kiss of Honor

What is it about the Philippines that make it different from the rest of the world? Well, for one thing, it is all about Filipino culture.

Filipinos are very polite. We have a culture of PAGMAMANO, which is where we raise the back of the hands of their elders to their foreheads as a sign of admiration.

Almost the same to hand-kissing, the person giving the greeting bows towards the hand of the elder and presses their forehead on the elder’s hand. This is usually performed with the right hand.

The word MANO is Spanish for HAND while the word PO is often used in Filipino culture and language at the end of each sentence as a sign of respect when addressing someone older.It is an ordinary way of building up one’s strong feelings of warmth towards their loved one.

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