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gift exchange by Teacher Amber2019年12月19日

The second week of Face to Face Language & Culture School’s Kris Kringle is in full swing. This time around, we have invited everyone to join including the students. There were a lot more people than the previous week. Filipinos always say, “The more, the merrier!”

The theme for this week was “Something Soft”. Now, for children, a gift that is “soft” would be easy to give. There are various soft items from plush toys, pillows, etc. It doesn’t go the same way for adults, however. We must try to show our creativity again.

We also ha a different theme for the names. We would use name of fruits this time and we must include whether we are male or female in the paper to be drawn. I chose to go with Nectarine, or what we call “hairless peach” in layman’s term. The *lucky* person I picked was Kamatis, which is Tagalog for Tomato, easily giving away that the person is Filipino, and it was also written that he’s a male. This posed to be quite a challenge for me since our price minimum for this week was 150 pesos. Men also seem to be more troublesome to buy gifts for, especially something soft.

Alas, the day we exchange our gifts came and everyone was just so giddy! The real people behind the witty and/or silly fruit names were revealed. Each person was eager to open their gifts and I can say they are all quite satisfied. Eventually, I found out that Mr. Kamatis is Sensei Darwin, the Nihonggo class teacher and a dear friend. I got him a knitted beanie from Bench. I never got to find out who picked me but I received Korean facial sponges which were really cute!

There might be another Kris Kringle the following week and we will also hold our Christmas/Year-end Party. There is a possibility that we will have a “Secret Santa” specifically for that party, as is tradition of the school. I can’t wait to find out what the theme of our next gift exchange will be, as well as the person I get to buy a gift for!

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