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The Gift of Netflix by Teacher Bryan2020年1月20日

The Gift of Netflix

One of the questions I often get asked is how old I was when I started studying English. It would then be followed by how I learned English at a very young age. The answer of course will always be the same, and I would also always tell my students that many Filipinos learn the language watching English TV programs, may it be cartoons, movies, or series. Thanks to someone, these English programs have just arrived at our doorsteps. Everybody, meet Netflix.


Whether you are trying to improve your listening skill, or you want to improve your vocabulary, or hone your pronunciation skill, you can do that in your own pace and time while watching movies on Netflix. You can make an account and pay it monthly. The good thing is that you can share it with up to 4 other people, so you are also helping others improve. Not only can you use it in F2F, but even when you graduate from the school, you can continue studying English when you are back in your country.

Needless to say, you can learn English in a fun way. There is a wide variety of genres you can choose from: adventure, family, horror, romance, rom-com, sci-fi, biopic, documentary, animated, what have you! Name it, they have it (probably). Plus there is subtitle, so if they speak a bit fast, you can pause it anytime, check your dictionary, and play it again. I mean whatever studying technique you have. Some of my personal favorites are Orange is the New Black, Atypical, Friends, Ugly Delicious and Stranger Things.


What are you waiting for? Grab your phone or pc, make an account, or borrow someone else’s. Enjoy!

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